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Hratchja Tonian Howhanissian was born on 29 May 1985, in the former Soviet Union. In 1999 his family immigrated to the Netherlands in the hope for a better future. Growing up, he always had artistic interests from creating his own dance group at a young age to drawing theatrical designs. He soon discovered his passion for fashion related activities, which included designing his own work, his extreme interest in the history of fashion throughout the years and most important, his admiration for Haute Couture. He feels strongly positive about his ability to contribute to the fashion industry.

It’s not about being trendy in fashion, but being able to express yourself as an individual.

With his Hr. Tonian collections he tries to signify his vision of how an individual expresses his individualism. Elegant, timeless and luxurious. He tries to imply the classic elegant silhouette to each dress he creates. With this in mind, he hopes to create a new basis for women clothing. Each design is neatly assembled with a Haute Couture finishing touch. Every design is unique, and one of a kind.

From 2002 until his graduation in 2009, he attended the ROCvA institute. He has successfully completed every course the institute offered. His internships at famous Dutch designers have allowed him to expand his skills in the craftsmanship.The designers he has worked for, as an intern, included Monique Collignon, Mattie Couperus, Peter Rommers, Mari Timmermans and Mart Visser. He considered his internship with Monique Collignon as the first physical contact with the technical aspect of Haute Couture.

In January 2010 he presented his creations on the catwalk for the first time. The show had received a lot of positive reactions which led to some customers. His first assignment was an order of a bridal dress, which he created very high profile and Haute Couture worthy.

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“It’s not about being trendy in fashion, but being able to express yourself as an individual.”

- Hratchja Tonian
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