A backward stable hyperbolic QR factorization method for by Xu H.

By Xu H.

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VIII, 2; Reinach, Recueil, pl. 225). There is another copy in Stockholm (Reinach, Repertoire, I, 255, 8; Brising, L'Art antique au Musee National de Stockholm, pl. XVII) and Repertoire, II, 105, 9); another was found near Rome, and another, as it seems, at Lepcis Magna (Not. , 1926, p. 280). The Apollo in Geneva (Deonna, Catalogue, No. 61; Einzelaufnahmen, Nos. 1911-1913; Reinach, Repertoire,II, 105, 10) is a variant. A head in the British Museum, No. 1795, is declared an example of the type by Furtwangler (Masterpieces, p.

18ai 19. Apollo (795, 796, 807). Found June 13 and 18, 1907; northeast corner of St. John's. Head to genitals; lacks face and nearly all of both arms. 943 m. There is a garment slung over the left shoulder and covering most of the back, and a lyre-strap descending across the body from the right shoulder. The small fragment 796, which does not appear in the photograph, belongs to the front of the figure. It joins by contact, and has part of the lyre-strap. The weight rested on the right leg. The right arm was raised to a position The left arm started down from the shoulder and doubtless held the lyre; there are remains of an attachment on the front of the body.

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