A basis for the operational method of finding interpolation by Pospelov V.V.

By Pospelov V.V.

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The smallest turbulent eddies and vortices in the earth’s core that twist the magnetic field probably occur on a scale of meters to tens of meters, much less than what can be resolved with the current global geodynamo models on the current supercomputers. That means that all 3-D computer models of the geodynamo so far have w w w. s c ia m . c o m Enlarged patch CONTOUR MAPS of the earth’s magnetic field, extrapolated to the core-mantle boundary from satellite measurements, show that most of the magnetic flux is directed out from the core in the Southern Hemisphere and inward in the Northern Hemisphere.

We anticipate that a synthesis of these three approaches — satellite observations, computer simulations and laboratory experiments — will occur in the next decade or two. With a more complete picture of the extraordinary geodynamo, we will learn whether our current ideas about the magnetic field and its reversals are on the right track. MORE TO EXPLORE Numerical Modeling of the Geodynamo: Mechanisms of Field Generation and Equilibration. Peter Olson, Ulrich Christensen and Gary A. Glatzmaier in Journal of Geophysical Research, Vol.

Investigators have mathematically projected these satellite measurements down to the top of the core using the assumption that the electric currents of the earth’s mantle are negligible. The core-mantle boundary is the closest researchers can get to the much more intense and complicated magnetic fi eld that exists within the core, where magnetic fluctuations actually originate; strong electric currents in the core prevent direct measurements of the magnetic field there. Despite the inherent limitations, several noteworthy observations came out of these efforts, including hints about the possible onset of a new polarity reversal.

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