A collection of Chinese proverbs by W. Scarbourough

By W. Scarbourough

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To THen the people are in the constant habit of ascribing ' many of the attributes and actions only ascribable to the true God. ' 6 His rule, as the moral governor of : c K : c : ( men 6 alluded to in the following: THen sees clearly, and rewards quickly/ 7 And that his rule is merciful f appears from the following Imperial THen will never slight men of sorrow/ 8 As the hearer of human prayers, THen responds to man as quickly as shadow to form or echo to voice/ 9 Whilst firmly believing that these and many other proverbs point to the highest and truest religious life of the people, it would not be candid on our part not to allude to the fact that the popular faith in THen is mixed up with much alloy.

F but not see the hair on the back feel o: ones neck. ^Hou 4 keng3 wo 1 A li mao 2 mo 1 3 te 2 tao 4 k(an4 59 ——~~ chien. 4 clever daughter-in-law cannot cook without rice. — Ch^iao 3 hsi2 fu 4 nan 2 tso 4 One Yi1 If pu4 wu 2 mi 3 $ chih1 ch^ui. 1 60 foot cannot stand chih 1 cLiao 3 tao 4 pu4 on two boats! to 2 liang 3 chih 1 ch uan. 2 r 61 an ox won't drink, you can't make him bend down his head. Niu2 pu4 diW an4 pu4 chu4 t ou. 2 ? 62 — You shui 3, cannot clap with one palm. Yi1 ko 4 pa 1 chang3 p^ai 1 —— ~ 63 pu4 m hsiang.

Ken1 hao 3 ? jen2 hsio 2 4ao 3 jen 2 Ken1 tuan 1 kung1 kang1 Note. Tan kung or Ma chiao () 3 chia 3 shen. 2 are mediums through whom the idols are supposed to grant answers to prayer. Keep company with, good men^ and good men you will imitate Keep company with beggars, and sleep outside some temple gate. Ken1 Ken1 ^hao 8 jen 2 hsio 2 ^hao 3 jen 2 ; tW 3 fan 4 ti 1 stui 4 miao 4 men. 2 31 One takes the colour of one's company, vermilion one gets stained pink stained black. Lit. Near near ink one gets • AGENCY.

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