A Dictionary of European Anglicisms: A Usage Dictionary of by Manfred Görlach

By Manfred Görlach

The 1st dictionary of its variety to supply an exhaustive comparative therapy of the effect of English on different eu languages. masking 16 chosen languages from diverse language households, entries encompass phrases that are recognizably English in shape and which seem in no less than one of many languages proven. Entries are constructed from a quick definition, through a precis paragraph containing a wealth of old and linguistic info. Many entries also are followed by way of a grid summarizing the distribution of the notice throughout Europe.

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0, 1950 (2) Rm [=E] N [U] 19708 (i you, mod) Rs bendlbanda M/F, pi. -y, beg2oc (i mod) Po [bent] M [U] end2oc bend (i mod) Cr M, mid2oc (2) Bg banda F, pi. -ndi, mid2OC (3 tech) = ib: -bendM ^bigband Fi [bsndi] 19708 (3) Hu [=E] pi. 0, 2oc (2) Al bands F, pi. -a, 19508 (i reg) Gr bada F, mid2oc (3 tech) bandleader n. 'the leader of a band' This term is notably more restricted than its two elements, both of which have been widely accepted. Ge [bentli:da] M, pi. 0, 19608 (o>i mod) Du bandleider (2+5) Nw (o) Ic [=E] M, mid2oc (i tech, sla) < rend hljomsveitarstjaori Fr (o) It [bendlider] pi.

Air-conditioner n. 'an air-conditioning apparatus' Du [=E] C, 19708 (2 tech) Nw [=E] 19808 (i rare) < creat klimaanlegg Ic - < rend loftkcding; loftkcditceki Sp - < trsl acondicionador de aire It - < mean condizionatore, climatizzatore Rs konditsioner M, pi. -y, 19703(3) Po(o) Cr(o) Hu - < trsl legkondiciondlo Al rend kondinsioner i ajrit Gr <=E> end2oc (i writ) air-condition(ing) n. ', 2 'the apparatus for this' Ge air-condition [=E] F; air-conditioning [=E] N [U] 19608, 2(1 coll) < Klimaanlage Du [airco(nditionirjg)/=E] C, i945-(2) Nw [=E] M [U] mid2oc (2) < klimaanlegg Ic - < rend loftkceling Fr - < trsl air conditionne < climatisation Sp - < trsl aire acondicionado It - < i: rend aria condizionata Rm - < aer conditional Rs - < konditsionirovanie Po (o) Cr erkondisn M, mid2OC, 1(2) Bg erkundishun M [U] 19708, 2 (i coll) < klimatichna instalatsiya, klimatik Hu [=E] 19608, 1(1 tech) < legkondiciondlds Al /erkodision N, end2OC, 1,2 (2) = klimatismoslklimatistiko (mikhanima) Airedale (terrier) n.

Derivations are recorded for other new acronyms in French and Bulgarian. ; sidatique adj. Sp - < trsl SIDAIsida It [aidz/aidiesse] M [U] 19808 (3) Rm (o) < trsl SIDA, sida Rs eids (i) < trsl SPID (sindrompriobretennogo immuno- defitsija) Po [eits] M (2) Cr [=E] M [U] 19808 (2) < trsl SIDA Bg - < trsl SPIN (sindrom na pridobita imunna nedostatuchnosf) —> -ozen adj. Fi [aids] 19808 (2) Hu [eidz] Airbus [U] 19808 (2>3) -»-es adj. Al M [U] 19808 (3) > trsl SIDIISIDA Gr <=E>/gJtz N [U] 19808 (2) > trsl SEAA (syndhromo epiktitis anosologhikis aneparkias) air bag n.

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