A Dictionary of Neurological Signs by A.J. Larner

By A.J. Larner

The Dictionary of Neurological symptoms may be virtually to boot defined when it comes to what the booklet isn't really, in addition to information about what it really is. The Dictionary isn't really a instruction manual for therapy of neuropathies. whereas many entries give you the most recent remedies, up to the moment treatments are usually not mentioned in bedside point aspect. The Dictionary isn't a board assessment publication since it isn't in Q&A structure yet may simply serve in that ability considering the fact that each one access is a reasonably whole image of a particular illness or disorder. The Dictionary is an alphabetical directory of quite often providing neurological illnesses and problems designed to steer the medical professional towards the right kind scientific analysis. The content material is targeted, problem-based, concise and useful. The established entries during this functional, scientific source offer a thumbnail of quite a lot of neurological indicators. every one access contains: • definition of the signal • a short account of the scientific method required to elicit the signal • description of the opposite indicators that could accompany the index signal • clarification of pathyophysiological and/or pharmacological history • differential analysis • short therapy info. the place identified, the entries additionally contain neuroanatomical foundation of the signal. TheDictionary offers functional, concise solutions to complicated medical questions.

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There are, however, a number of recognized causes of ARP besides neurosyphilis, including: Multiple sclerosis Encephalitis Diabetes mellitus Syringobulbia Sarcoidosis Lyme disease Pinealoma Herpes zoster Hereditary motor and sensory neuropathies (Charcot-Marie Tooth disease; Dejerine-Sottas hypertrophic neuropathy) Miosis and pupil irregularity are inconstant findings in some of these situations, in which case the term “pseudo-Argyll Robertson pupil” may be preferred. The neuroanatomical substrate of the Argyll Robertson pupil is uncertain.

References Silva MT, Howard RS, Kartsounis LD, Ross Russell RW. The alien grasp reflex. European Neurology 1996; 36: 55-56 Cross References Alien hand, Alien limb; Grasp reflex Alien Hand, Alien Limb An alien limb, most usually the arm but occasionally the leg, is one that manifests slow, involuntary, wandering (levitating), quasipurposive movements. An arm so affected may show apraxic difficulties in performing even the simplest tasks and may be described by the patient as uncooperative or “having a mind of its own” (hence alternative names such as anarchic hand sign and le main étranger).

An impairment of pitch processing with preserved awareness of musical rhythm changes has been described in amusics. References Confavreux C, Croisile B, Garassus P, Aimard G, Trillet M. Progressive amusia and aprosody. Archives of Neurology 1992; 49: 971-976 Hyde KL, Peretz I. Brains that are out of tune but in time. Psychological Science 2004; 15: 356-360 Schuppert M, Münte TF, Wieringa BM, Altenmüller E. Receptive amusia: evidence for cross-hemispheric neural networks underlying music processing strategies.

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