A Forever Kind of Love by Shiloh Walker

By Shiloh Walker

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Shaking her head, she looked up and said, “My husband is dying. ” McAfee’s face was implacable. ” Then he inclined his head. “However, there’s more than just my opinion to consider here, more than just yours. I’ve already spoken to your husband—” “You what? ” “Zoe, calm down and just listen,” James said, sighing. “He wasn’t there to arrest him or read him his rights or anything. Roger asked to speak to him. I was in there with him. ” The sheriff tipped his hat. ” “He won’t do it again,” Zoe said through clenched teeth.

Her husband’s dying, man. Remember him? Guy used to be your best friend? Still is your friend? ” he asked. ” She gave him a practiced, completely false smile. ” He dropped the bag on the table centered under a mirror and folded his arms over his chest, studying her face. “Don’t hand me the line you hand people in your store, people at church, whoever. I know you too well. ” She lifted a golden brow at him. “Chase, you don’t really me that well. ” He reached out and tucked her hair behind one ear.

Tiredly, Roger moved back to the bed before they took notice of him. He lay on the bed and thought about how right his wife looked with another man. He’d much rather think about that, even though it broke his heart. It was easier thinking about that than what was coming. Easier to think about Chase and Zoe than the fact that he was wasting away inside. Easier to think about them than the nausea, the weakness…the fact that he was going to be dead in a matter of weeks, months at the most. The nausea, for the most part, had passed—for today.

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