A History of the Jewish War: AD 66-74 by Steve Mason

By Steve Mason

A clash that erupted among Roman legions and a few Judaeans in overdue A.D. sixty six had an incalculable effect on Rome's actual visual appeal and imperial governance; on historical Jews bereft in their mother-city and temple; and on early Christian fortunes. old scholarship and cinema alike are likely to see the clash because the fruits of lengthy Jewish resistance to Roman oppression. during this quantity, Steve Mason re-examines the warfare in all proper contexts (e.g., the Parthian size, Judaea's position in Roman Syria) and stages, from the Hasmoneans to the autumn of Masada. Mason techniques each one subject as a historic research, clarifying difficulties that have to be solved, realizing the to be had proof, and contemplating eventualities that will clarify the proof. the best reconstructions make the clash extra humanly intelligible whereas casting doubt on acquired wisdom.

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212–14), as a oneoff wonder, but many such curtains are on display here. 135). 84 The gold crowns evoke the luxury of eastern potentates, or perhaps Roman largesse, not the scenes of Flavian prowess in rural Galilee or Peraea or the capital Jerusalem. 86 If their jewels were on display, it would have been a friendly loan for the occasion. 5–13, 170–71, 185–95. Theophrastus, Lap. 36; Agatharchides, Mari eryth. 96; Strabo, Geog. 6; Athenaeus, Deipn. 45 [Kaibel]. 357). 671). 235). 105). 14). 498–500; cf.

89 Perhaps Quintilian advised on the triumph. ” In Josephus’ War, as in any conceivable reality, the Judaeans are prudent enough not to face legionary columns in battlefield array. Not being a foreign power with an army, they have no Macedonian phalanxes or Parthian cavalry. 576–84). But the claim is absurd, and even he seems quickly to forget about it. This crack force vanishes even before the Flavians’ arrival (Chapter 6). Otherwise, the very few Judaean rebels who fight do so guerrilla-style, raiding and ambushing and mainly retreating to inaccessible caves or walled towns or fortresses.

After the weapon wagons walked 3,000 men carrying coined silver in 750 three-talent [80-kg, 276-lb] containers, each carried by four men; others had silver winebowls, drinking horns, bowls, and cups. . On the third day . . came those bringing the gold coin, distributed in three-talent containers like the silver, though the number of these containers was only 77. . Following all these were the chariot and the weapons of Perseus, and his diadem sitting on top of his weapons. . Behind the children and their attendants walked Perseus himself.

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