Advanced Network Analysis Techniques by Laura Chappell

By Laura Chappell

As a follow-up identify to the "Introduction to community Analysis," this booklet presents sound step by step directions on packet deciphering, simple via complex filtering and switched LAN research. discover ways to construct filters to seize hackers coming via your firewall, decode 'unknown' protocols, and manage a set off that launches your analyzer in the midst of the evening.

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Does your network have afternoon naps (logouts during lunch hour)? Do you see busy activity at the end of the month when reports are due? These long-term trends can help you determine what’s normal for your network. Figure 1-16 shows the long-term broadcast trend information. FIGURE 1-16. Watching your trends over time can help you identify peaks in traffic trends. In the last several years, we have seen the idea of a ‘stable network design’ go out the window. Today’s networks are changing and evolving at such a rate that we may not be able to get a very long long-term trend -- there’s never a point where the network stays the same long enough (architecturally or functionally).

Analyze it! How much multicast traffic do you have on your network? Who is sending those multicasts? You might want to check out Chapter 2, “Capture and Display Filtering” to learn how to identify the source of multicasts. org. If your network is flooded with multicasts -- find the source... do you have some blabbering application on your network (like a music application that plays in the background on the network all day)? Take a look at Internet Group Management Protocol (IGMP), RFC 2236 by W.

Figure 1-12 shows the alarm report log from my system. FIGURE 1-12. Alarm report log. Advanced Network Analysis Techniques - Chappell 19 Chapter 1: Statistics, Trends, Patterns and Timestamping As you can see, the network I’m on right now isn’t too healthy. Yipes -- 98% utilization? Tons of broadcasts!? This is a really bad day on the network. Of course this is a simple scenario -- it’s easy to see what the problem is. The next step is to find the source of the broadcasts, the type of broadcasts and reason for the broadcasts.

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