Advances in Ecological Research, Vol. 26 by M. Begon, A.H. Fitter (Eds.)

By M. Begon, A.H. Fitter (Eds.)

This quantity includes papers highlighting the varied pursuits of contemporary ecologists. All parts of ecology are coated: from the present matters over adjustments in CO2 degrees and its impacts at the Earth's plants to the original Cichlid fish populations in Lake Tanganika, whose constitution is critical for different organismal populations, together with people. different theoretical and utilized ecological experiences also are mentioned, making this quantity crucial for all ecologists.

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In fact, when we look closer at Figure 5B,a large number of points seem to be concentrated further from linearity than the line of best fit, saturating at PPFD approximately 1OOOpmol m-'s-l at a value of C02 flux around 25pm0lm-~s-'. However, some points are way off this tendency, and this increases the variability and lowers D. C 02 FLUXES OVER PLANT CANOPIES AND SOLAR RADIATION 29 In conclusion, both Example 1 and the statistics on grouped data sets show that micrometeorological methods lead to a relationship between C 0 2 flux and PPFD closer to linearity than enclosures.

When instantaneous data sets are integrated over time (usually a day), they have been analysed independently, using the same procedure, in standard units for F, R , F,, Q of molm-2d-'. Photosynthetic capacity F, is then defined as F a t Q = 80m0lm-~d-'. 1. 2. One must note that grouped data sets have nothing in common except for the variable under study. They are not similar, in the sense that, generally, environmental conditions were different, and the data were obtained on different sites, with different measuring technique, by different scientific teams.

Vol 2. Case Studies. (Ed. L. Monteith), pp. 171-240. Academic Press, London, y e w York, San Francisco. G. W. (1983). Productivity of temperate, deciduous and evergreen forests. In: Encyclopaedia of Plant Physiology, new series Vol. 12D. (Ed. L. S. B. Osmond and H. Ziegler), pp. 233-280. Springer-Verlag, Berlin. , Zur, B. M. (1986). Interactive effects of water and nitrogen stresses on carbon and water vapor exchange of corn canopies. Agr. Forest Meteorol. 38, 113-126. J. J. (1984). Soybean canopy growth, photosynthesis and transpiration responses to wholeseason carbon dioxide enrichment.

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