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Stratigraphies] C o r r e l a t i o n w i t h A m m o n i t e S h e l l s The faunas of Horizon IV occur in the Bimammatum Zone of the Fribourg Alps and of the Swabian Alb (see above). Besides, several forms of Horizon IV have been found in the Bimammatum Zone in some epicontinental areas of Western and Central Europe, and in some areas of the Tethys (cf. Trauth 1931, 1938; Arkell 1956). Therefore, it should be accepted that Horizon IV corresponds to the Bimammatum Zone. Review of Published Data Pieniny Klippen Bell Czorsztyn Series According to Andrusov (1953, p.

Faunas (2), (3) and (4) occur in rocks with Tithonian tintinnids; besides together with fauna (3) occur at Rogoźnik Tithonian ammonite shells. Therefore faunas (1) are also older than faunas (3) and (4). The sequence of faunas (2), (3) and (4) may be established only on the Aptychi themselves. Faunas (2) are almost identical with faunas (I); the faunas (3) contain Laevaptychus (Obliquuslaevaptychus) latobliquus var. 1, a form which appears to be absent in faunas (1) and (2); fauna (4) seems to differ from the remaining three faunas by the lack of Laevaptychi with very small values of the relation S : L.

2. Laevilamellaptychus, group A. As in Horizon II. 3. Laevilamellaptychus, group B. As in Horizon II. 4. Lamellaptychus, group C. As in Horizon II. 5. Lamellaptychus, group A. ) em. Trauth ;f. typ. , group A. ) em. Trauth /. typ. Trauth; the former do not possess inflexion, or possess a local inflexion, the latter possess a general inflexion with axis crossing the external edge. The former occur during the whole Horizon III, the latter occur probably only in its upper part. 6. Lamellaptychus, group B.

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