Am Anfang war Erziehung. by Alice Miller

By Alice Miller

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According to the more recent formulations of Janet, dissociation is the result of the abaissement du niveau mental, which destroys the hierarchy and promotes, or actually causes, the formation of automatisms. 79 Breuer and Freud have shown very nicely what kind of automatisms are then released. 80 Gross’s application of this theory to dementia praecox is new and important. Writing of his basic idea, the author says: “Disintegration of consciousness in my sense of the word means the simultaneous occurrence of functionally discrete chains of association.

41] From these examples of Stransky’s one can see at once what laws of association the thought-process follows: it is chiefly the laws of similarity, coexistence, verbal-motor combination, and combination according to sound. Besides that the numerous perseverations and repetitions (Sommer’s “stereotypies”) leap to the eye. If we compare this with the sample of dementia praecox associations quoted earlier from Pelletier, we shall find a striking resemblance 66—in both cases the same laws of similarity, contiguity, and assonance.

In hysteria, where we can best examine split-off sequences of ideas, we find that the opposite holds true. Even when we are apparently dealing with totally distinct sequences, we can find somewhere, in a hidden place, the bridge leading from one to the other. 84 In the psyche everything is connected with everything else: the existing psyche is the resultant of myriads of different constellations. [59] But apart from this slight defect, I think we may call Gross’s hypothesis a singularly happy one.

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