An Introduction to W.R. Bion’s ’A Memoir of the Future’: by Paulo Cesar Sandler

By Paulo Cesar Sandler

Within the final years of his lifestyles Bion amassed strange manuscripts handwritten in his tidy lettering that assumed the shape of a trilogy. Finely typed and edited by means of his committed spouse, they have been named "A Memoir of the Future". some of the issues of this ebook have been already obtrusive in Transformations and Attention and Interpretation. those previous books supply a number of the theories whose functional counterpart eventually stumbled on a sort within the trilogy: as Bion himself famous, "the standards for a psychoanalytic paper are that it's going to stimulate within the reader the emotional adventure that the author intends, that its strength to stimulate could be sturdy, and that the emotional event therefore motivated will be a correct illustration of the psychoanalytic event that inspired the author in first place." was once Bion precise to his note? it's possibly left to the reader to respond to this question. those books are an try to point out the view that Bion’s try was once to give the burning flame itself – instead of proposing static pictures of the hearth.

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We may say that the charismatic leaders compose a first generation; the stretcherbearers compose the following generations. Careerists, flatterers, disoriented people who need to earn a living are conditionally admitted to the “ship”, provided that they are endowed with a good enough psychopathic nucleus in their personalities. Bion commented on the issue in Attention and Interpretation, with the aid of a model drawn from the New Testament: the story of James and John and their request to Jesus for status (Bion, 1970, p.

TWENTY-FIVE YEARS If I had known I had such an ugly somitic ancestor I would not have tried to cultivate a soul. [III: 461] The charismatic entrepreneur, or chief demagogue, or messianic leader may be dead; human forgetfulness and the need to “reinvent the wheel” completes the drama, which, based on the human capacity to hallucinate, may be seen either as a farce or as a comedy—that of the everlasting human error, based on the lack of capacity to learn from experience. Bion dwells on the hallucinosis of the superiority of un-learning vis-àvis learning (or Minus K: Bion, 1962; review in Sandler, 2005).

Psychoanalysis, backed by enthusiastic people and pioneers who perhaps believed that a Paradise did exist, may have been called to exert, in the name of science (and currently, in the name of literature) the centuries-old “social function” early on attributed to all kinds of T H E F U M B L I N G I N FA N C Y 5 Messiahs. In the Catholic tradition, the “father” who would never forsake his sons, seemingly unlike Jesus’s father when he was crucified. The word “cure” comes from the Latin cura, meaning “care”; in Latinlanguage countries, variants of cura are used to mean parish priest, one who cares for his flock.

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