Anthocyanins as Flower Pigments: Feasibilities for flower by Th. Mulder-Krieger, R. Verpoorte (auth.)

By Th. Mulder-Krieger, R. Verpoorte (auth.)

To date, numerous percentages exist to alter the genetics of vegetation together with classical breeding and smooth molecular organic techniques resembling recombinant DNA thoughts and plant trans­ formation tools. the purpose of this booklet is to study the feasibilities, provided by means of the present applied sciences, to switch flower shades. as a result of the nice value of anthocyanins as flower pigments, the most a part of this learn bargains with this category of flavonoids answerable for so much red-, pink- and blue colors. Being electron poor, the flavylium nucleus of the anthocyanins is very reactive and undergoes - established upon pH - effortlessly structural differences that are coupled with color alterations. a couple of mechanisms that stabilizes the colored - at cost of the colourless buildings in vegetation are defined, together with acylation, co pigmentation and steel advanced formation. simply because no plant species possesses the genetic ability for generating types within the complete spectrum of colors, guy has hunted for easy methods to swap the genetic houses of crops. in recent times, traditional flower breeding is a growing number of being supplemented through genetic engineering thoughts. This know-how deals the prospect to insert particular genes into the mobile genome and to move genes such a lot successfully among diversified organisms. the typical flower pigments, the anthocyanins, were studied for a few years and symbolize now the easiest understood team of secondary plant metabolites with admire to (bio)chemistry and genetics.

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1986). The molecular weight of the native enzyme obtained from various sources - and its substrate specificity have been determined. The enzyme has no cofactor requirements for activity. , 1991). It has been found that chalcone synthases from different plants are more or less inhibited by the chalconelflavanone intermediate (Heller and Forkmann, 1988). , 1987; Schroder and Schroder, 1990). , 1989a). The following example will illustrate this. Two forms of CHS - differing in isoelectric point as well as in molecular weight - were isolated from suspension cultures of different carrot cell lines.

30 Chapter II synthetic oligodeoxynucleotide primers match each part of the opposite DNA strands of the fragment followed by replication of both strands by DNA polymerase. To avoid inactivation of the polymerase after heating, the amplification is preferably done with a thermostable DNA polymerase, isolated from the thermophilic bacterium Thermus aquatus. , 1989). An application of the PCR technique that overcomes many of the difficulties encountered in obtaining full-length cDNA clones of lowabundant mRNA has been developed by Frohman and co-workers (1988) and is described as the 'rapid amplification of cDNA ends' or RACE strategy.

How this association can take place in the living tissue is not quite clear, since anthocyanins are accumulated in the vacuole, and pectin and protopectin are components of the middle lamella (Hrazdina, 1982). The anthocyanin colour increases in intensity (hyperchromic effect) and becomes more blue (bathochromic effect) in the presence of copigments, like flavonols (quercetin), aurones (aurisidin) and particularly - C-glycosyl flavones such as swertisin. Copigmentation causes bathochromic shifts in the visible spectrum with the flavylium cation as well as the quinonoidal base, but probably only the stabilization of the quinonoidal base is responsible for colour increase.

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