Anxiety, Depression, and Emotion by Richard J. Davidson

By Richard J. Davidson

Through concentrating on the connection among simple study in emotion and emotional disorder in melancholy and nervousness, this designated quantity offers either mental and organic implications of study for psychiatrists and psychologists.

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Figure 1-6 shows the effects of microinjecting GAL and control substances (vehicle or heat-treated GAL solution) into VTA and other brain regions. 17 and rearing) in this environment. Most noteworthy was that, following the first 8 min of exploratory activity in this novel environment, ambulation of animals that received GAL into VTA virtually ceased. When GAL was injected into the lateral ventricle, only rearing behavior but not ambulation decreased; however, injection of GAL into hypothalamus also decreased ambulation and rearing, thus indicating that GAL acting in other brain regions might also produce an effect on activity in these testing conditions similar to that produced by GAL in VTA.

0 s in a 15-min test) in comparison to what was seen in animals not exposed to this stressor (mean ± S. E. 1 s). 24 imipramine (10 mg/kg/day), desipramine (10 mg/kg/day), amitriptyline (10 mg/kg/day), bupropion (20 mg/kg/day), phenelzine (5 mg/kg/day), venlafaxine (20 mg/kg/day), fluoxetine (16 mg/kg/day) and sertraline (25 mg/kg/day) (see figure 1-10). Also, electroconvulsive shock (administered twice, 1 week apart, with testing 1 week after last shock) likewise blocked any stress-induced decrease in struggling.

Having noted this, we turn to the discussion of other neurochemical explanations for the phenomenon in question. Whereas we and others have emphasized the role of brain NE in stress-induced behavioral depression, at various times other laboratories have pointed to serotonin (Blundell, 1992; Maier, Grahn, & Watkins, 1995; Petty, Kramer, & Wilson, 1992; Petty & Sherman. , 1981, 1983) as possibly mediating these changes. 9 the occurrence of a depression-like behavioral response, and any or all of the neurochemical systems described in these various hypotheses could be represented in this sequence.

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